Monday, September 18, 2006

My Weekend

Well, this was the first whole weekend I had off all month: fri/sat/sun!  I had big hope it would be great.  WELL......

Fri it poured gray rain all day AND the wind blew a lot.  As if that wasn't enough, Doris & her sisters had to go to a funeral for their cousin's husband & it lasted all day.  They love to go to funerals, & there are a lot of them at THEIR age!!  It is always a great reunion for seeing everyone they grew up with.  And black folks really know how to celebrate "home goings" instead of the maudlin funerals we beige beings tend to have.  I however stayed HOME in BED all day.  humph!  Just couldn't do it as I got in at 0300am from flying thru the bad weather.

Unfortunately that day D's daughter called & said she & her daughter would be driving in from Maryland & coming over on Sat, early around 1100 or 12noon, were we going to be there?  I said sure, if you're coming by!  Okay fine.  I was NOT overjoyed because it was my ONLY whole weekend off & I DID want to do something great, BUT okay, whatever...

So Saturday I drug myself out of bed & vacumed & sprayed the house & put patcholi in the light bulb tray, even put on MAKE-up (hate that on a day off) & sat & waited for Doris' daughter & granddaughter to arrive.

By 300pm we gave it up & left to go into The City. We then had a great time just hanging out in the W. Village.

Shit.  Damn the frickin' daughter, she didn't even bother to call & say she wasn't coming afterall.  I seriously have ISSUES with that girl.  Like we don't have anything better to do than just sit here waiting all day for HER to get around to making an appearance.  Fucking annoying. 

So Sunday, did the choir thing at church, then out to eat Sun lunch/dinner with D's sister & HER daughter & granddaughter afterward.  It was pleasant enough...  But I haven't seen them for quite a while, I don't think this sister likes me anymore.  And the truth is, she has gotten on my nerves too.  Guess it's bound to happen after 25 yrs.  But she has been really obvious in not having anything to do with me lately.  So, I just don't care.  Screw her.  Fuck them all, I swear the whole family is so fucking dysfunctional.  Nothing like a whole weekend off to remember how I can't stand anyone. 

But... Doris adores them all, so the charade will continue. 


jabz1965 said...

I agree, that daughter would piss me off, not calling to say she wasn't coming. Nothing pisses me off more than people being inconsiderate. It's hard dealing with kids of your GF....not that I would know, as no one I've been with has had kids...I am the one with the kid. Thank God she is not with me or I'd be single LOL

Sorry you're weekend was a disaster....but spending time with yourself is SO important! YAY!

dghtronly said...

Too bad about the weekend and the family drama. It's too bad that Doris' daughter couldn't be bothered to show some common courtesy and consideration.  

Hope your week makes up for your awful experience.


nfluxus said...

Does Doris expect you to get all dolled up for them? Is it some kind of major event when they visit? I'd be pissed too.

"Nothing like a whole weekend off to remember how I can't stand anyone."

I know you're ticked but that's funny. LOL.


bentfabric77 said...

It's common courtesty.  If you had enough forethought to announce your arrival then conversely you should take the time to make known your cancellation.  I hate waiting so I know I would've been livid.  Glad you were able to extract some fun with D regardless.