Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Well it's Labor Day Monday & I have to work.  boooo.  It figures.  Doris is doing the ole seasonal BBQ for some of her family...  Wish I could stay.  My sign-in isn't until 1600 (4pm) so I've been straightening up around here. 

Yesterday I mowed the sorry-looking lawn (I couldn't get rid of the damn grubs, Weese. Dang the grass was fine & all of a sudden - dead spots. It happens so fast.)   I washed the dog so she wouldn't stink (poor Roxie) & I dusted & cleaned off the piano.  (That was a hard job!)  It had become one dusty catch-all. 

Today I'll vacuum & empty all the trashes before I leave.  I usually do that anyway.  sigh.  I wish I didn't have to go.  Guess I should try to stay grateful for a job.  And at least the sign in isn't early in the morning.  And I'm flying with my old (fart! heh!) buddybidding partners this month, which is both a blessing & a curse because I have missed them, but they keep talking about quitting when we turn 60 next year... but I won't be able to afford to do that.  It's starting to annoy me. 

So much for all that.  I gotta start putting on war paint now.  You know those old biddy's you see in the grocery stores that wear too much make-up, & can't even get their eyebrows on straight because they can't see anymore, not even with their big 8X mirrors?  That would be ME.

Y'all enjoy the holiday! 

And ROSIE is on The View tomorrow!!  Can't wait!


bentfabric77 said...

Bummer you have to work. :(  At least you get to catch up with old friends.

zannetoro said...

LOL at the war paint! Gotta tell you that everytime I fly I wonder who you might be! :) Anyway, hope it was good!

dghtronly said...

Too bad you had to work, hope all went well. How was the que?
Did you enjoy the View? I read the back of someone's paper today on the train about Barbara asking Rosie to AXE her blog? Any mention on the show- I haven't seen it anywhere else-course, I haven't really looked for it-just wondering.


jabz1965 said...

Sounds like your labor day was very laboring! We made potato soup and stayed in...did a whole lot of nothing. How I love that!

Hope it was tolerable!!