Saturday, September 09, 2006

Doris' Talents

The dang toilet was leaking from the tank.  45 minutes later, Doris had fixed It.  At least for the night.  The old girl's still got it!!  Thank GOD.  And thank Doris!

I woulda had to use a bucket.  Well at least I would then have a picture to send to Syd's White trash collection.  ha!


dghtronly said...

The tanks I can deal with. I got one of those tankless deals. I had to have a plumber come in yesterday to replace the seal (it was leaking from the bottom). I ain't tryin to pull up no commode.

Glad Doris was able to solve it, even if temporarily.


syd888 said...

LOL, Kmae.  And good for Doris.

However, after reading the title, I was hoping for something a little more...  "educational" ;)