Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Boring Blogs

Blogs are very personal & are a great tool in life's journey, as any therapist will tell us to start a journal to help get to feelings we might rather not find.  And I know I shouldn't judge, (just another character flaw) lest I be judged myself.  The truth is I'm sure my little bloggings could easily bring out the s n o r e in anyone, I am not that interesting.  That being said, I acknowledge that these next words are not kind.  Okay, I'm a bitch. 

I love my favorite bloggers, & most of you know who you are!  I generally comment on many of your entries, unless your blog doesn't allow me to - which there are a few of those around.  Not all of my favs are listed here on the right, I only list lesbians. 

And I won't even go into what I think of "straight men" who feel a need to comment on dyke blogs other than to say pa-fucking-thetic.  I'm done with helping hets understand gays, not to mention giving a fuck about what men think of anything I say.  At least not in blogland.  My personal het male friends email me.  (Yeah surprise, I have male friends.)

Okay, so here goes...  There is a list of about 50 blogs I try to get to whenever I have have time.  Which isn't that often if they're not my favorites.  I can't believe how some folks start a blog, but never write.  Maybe once a month or worse.  Clearly they have more of a life than me...  Although when they DO finally update, it is just so ho-hum, so probably not. 

Well there is this ONE blog, of course I won't mention the name, but jeeeeeeeeeese!!!  It is SOOOO FUCKING BOORING...  I don't know WHY I go back there about every 2 weeks just to check & see if she's added any more blathering...  which generaly she Doesn't. 

This woman is a Gdamn shrink, folks.  She is a fucking therapist.  And a social worker.  And a dyke.  I keep trying to give her a chance, but she drones on & on about dumb-ass crap that is just so trivial, I mean GAAAAA, what a BOOOOORRRRRIIIINNNNNGGGG brainfart dump of a no-blog mental vomit pile.  Christ! 

Somebody Help me!  I need an intervention to just delete this self-absorbed dumbass ninkempoop off my list.  I mean, shouldn't a shrink have SOMETHING interesting to add about her life's journey at least now & then?  And she supposedly helps people.  Well, maybe she does, but I can't imagine how boring THEY must be. 

Forfuckinggetit.  I'm disgusted.  Life is too short.


sunflowersnstone said...

You are not right! Hilarious... but not right! LOL

There are blogs that sometimes I feel obligated to go to but for the most part I only go to blogs I can relate to and blogs that have a general tone that I can support. I hate the overly religious blogs. I hate the preachy I know best blogs. I hate manipulative blogs and things like that. Then there are blogs with a following that really is just unexplainable. I have no idea why so many people flock to this or that journal but they do. They eat it up. The good thing is that I am able to not return. It seems you aren't able to easily give up on people. I, however, would have sent Dr. Brain drain on her cyberspace way a very long time ago.
You are too funny!

Fly high or don't fly at all...

zannetoro said...

Hey you! You are crackin' me up--who spat in your Wheaties? (Oy is that even an expression?!) You have just put the fear of God in me about not updating--LOL! And by the way, you are anything but boring!!!!!
Hope you have a great weekend! :)

dghtronly said...

Ok, stop holding back-tell us how you really feel.

Your life is your life-boring or not-to you or the world-who gives a flying (you know what). Like TV, it can be switched off. When you factor in how much effort is involved in visiting blogs-getting to a computer, logging on, scrolling etc. I mean there are physical and for some emotional steps, then I say, only go where you feel wanted. entertained, inspired, provoked-something. Life IS to short to spend on what is not at the very least engaging you, or making you snort grape juice out of your nostrils.  :)

Being fairly new to this whole blogging thing, I feel like I'm still looking for a rhythm, and maybe even a general theme. I don't know if I'm boring people to tears, maybe I am, but the process has been good for me, so far.

I find your enthusiasm energizing and infectious and so not boring.

kmb524 said...

Deborah, love your blog & your writing!

Zanne, okay I'll be right over!!!

Aussie, that bitch is a damn shrink, no less.  I just can't get over it.

syd888 said...

I love reading what you are thinking and what you're up to.  But most of all, you are the only blogger who cusses as much as i do.  So, I love you for that! ;)

nfluxus said...


I think you're fucking hilarious and I'm so with you on the boring blogs that don't get updated. What's the point of even having a blog if you don't update it?


wordsrock said...

Feeling a bit feisty today, mmmmm KMae? :)

But I gotta say I love the heterosexual men who are regular commenters at my blog.  Their input is intelligent and right on target.  They are welcome any time.

I say drop that irregular updating drively shrink from your list.  Life's too short.

sassyfemmect said...

OMG, I am sooo with you on the straight guys who comment on dyke blogs.  As much as I love my straight friends, I'm one of those women who would love to live in an all lesbian world.  No, not land dyke kind of thing, just our world but all lesbians, or at least all women.  The straight women would have to work out their lack of men issues.  Okay, sorry, tangent on your blog.  

I don't know who the blogger is that you're talking about, but I've been trying to pare down some of my blogs lately.  If they haven't posted for at least the last few weeks, they're gone.

nursepam2001 said...


Just because she's a lesbian and a shrink doesn't mean a heck of a lot.  Delete the bitch and move on ;^)

jabz1965 said...

You've said it all there! AMEN!