Friday, August 04, 2006

Ixnay On the Apesgray

Gotta write fast, have to fly out.

1st, you know that brilliant stupid frozen grape tip I was raving about last week?  Well I GAINED 1 LB FROM ALL THOSE GRAPES, DAMMIT TO HELL.  Fuck.  I was told 1 cup is 1 point, so eat only 20 for 2 points.  Man, I am SO annoyed.  I had been eating them by the 100's!  Thought I had found a real treat that I could eat as much as I wanted.  Once again, time to get the masking tape & just slap it on my mouth.  If it tastes great you'll gain weight.  Makes me crazy. I'm an idiot.

So You Think You Can Dance was great last night.  Mia was mean to those kids.  No wonder I dig her so much, she has a mean edge.  Reminds me of my mother, you can never please those types.  She was VERY nice on the plane.  She'd better be, because I can deal a bitch right back out if that's the way I'm treated. 

Gotta put on the war paint.  Time is fleeting. 


sassyfemmect said...

You met Mia?  Oh that chick is soooo hot!  Fran and I both had our gaydar going off on her, I spent all the commercial breaks Googling her, nada.  Maybe it's just the new shorter haircut and attitude?  I don't know.

syd888 said...

Man, that sucks about the frozen grapes.  I love to eat those  w/o guilt, or so I thought.  Mu-ther Fuck!

jabz1965 said...

It's awful to find something good, cuz it gets you in the end! But fear not! Look how good you've done! You are my inspiration! Hope your flight was happy!