Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Boring Eve

Layed in bed all day yesterday, watched soaps, Doris bbq'd chix & veggies, then we rode bikes & went to the Dairy Queen (for HER, not me!)  Then we drove around with the moon roof open at night trying to cool off!  It was pleasant.  Stayed up late on the computer.  I think D. is getting annoyed at all the time I stay on the computer now.  It IS another addiction I fear.  Hell yeah, it is!

Okay so if that wasn't a boring enough (albeit pleasant!) day, we went to a Democratic picnic tonight.  See, here's the thing, it was boring because I thought it'd be mainly gay people since it was being held at this big Victorian home of gay partners & their adopted children.  Been to lots of Democratic parties there.   Usually a huge queer contingent of our city attends.  Don't know WHERE they all were tonight.   

Instead, about 200 hets were there, maybe only 15 gays, maybe only 6 lesbians.  Damn.  Where the hell were the dykes???  Thank GOD they were all Democrats, at least they had that going.  (I seriously hate Schrub.)  

You know, straight people are okay when they are "tolerant" of Diversity...  It's just that ON MY FRICKIN' DAY OFF I don't want to spend time around them listening to their drivel about how liberal they are when I can't even marry my WOMAN of 25 mother fucking years.  I mean I'm 59, she's 70 for cryin' out loud.  At this rate we'll be 6ft under by the time homosexual marraige is fucking legalized here.  SHIT!!  Very frustrating.  Those Connecticut folks are SO damn lucky. 

Anyway, everyone was supposed to take a dish, which everyone did, there was tons of food.  So here is a brilliant clue if you don't feel like cooking or if you don't know how -like me & my new blogger friend Bent Fabric!... 

Get an aluminum pan & line it with Reynolds wrap.  Buy 2 orders of 20 honey dipped chicken wings from KFC.  Spread them out in the lined pan & bring the aluminum foil totally around it.  Warm in your oven just before going over & voila!!!  Instant "bring a dish" that everyone loves. 

That will be the only "cooking tip" I'll ever offer, ever.  We do it all the time & It always goes over fabulously.  We even tell folks we just stopped by KFC on the way over but they crack up & don't believe us.  hehe.  It's brilliant I tell ya!


sunflowersnstone said...

A judge here in Indiana tried to overturn a court decision which rightfully allowed a Lesbian couple to adopt a child. it had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to get done. The couple adopted a child, had the papers all that then some higher ranking judge decided he would through it out based on their sexuality. The court tried to take the child back!!! These two, who were foster parents for I can't remember how long and had been together for 10 years were okay to do foster care but not to adopt. They sued and won but like I said, it had to go to the S.C. to be upheld. Remember, this is the state that has the Conner Prerrie (bad spelling) celebration...which basically is a celebration of slavery. It's disgusting. They dress up in the Amish-like costumes and talk about "the old" ways back then and how much more simple things were. I'm like, uh...for who? simple for black people? No, I dont think so. They mimic the Civil War (which was over slavery)'s horrible but they do it every single year. Figures.

I've ranted enough on your blog.

jabz1965 said...

I loved this entry! Shrub LMAO What a great day....even the most boring days somehow are good ones, especially if you are with yer woman! It is addicting. Ever since I bought my laptop for my birthday, I haven't spent one day without it.

Yep isn't it crazy how str8 people take marriage for granted. I do not want to get married, ever....even if it were legal...but it should be an option and shouldn't even be questioned or leaving it up to the stupid ass government. Yes, I am democrat too...what happened to all the DYKES LOL Oh yah, I live in IOWA that godforsaken place....

SchrubSchrub, ain't got no nubs.....

zannetoro said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my place! I ache for the frustration you feel over the marriage rights. I know this is no consolation but I believe it is you and Doris and people like you that the next generation will need to thank for paving the way. Things will change because they must. In the meantime thanks for being you! :)

nursepam2001 said...

It is brilliant.  I do the same sort of thing.  Stop by the deli and arrange it in my own casserole dish.  The supermarket deli is your friend :o)

dghtronly said...

The day sounds great--wonderful to relax, no? The party sounds whack-except for the KFC tip--Like those beer (which beer? who the hell knows) commercials exclaim-Brilliant.  When my kids were small and I was attending a lot of potluck type events, I always took spaghetti with meat sauce--I could whip up a vat of the stuff in little to know time, which is usually what I had- and it always scored well versus the pasta, tuna, fruity salad types that generally showed up at those things.

Aholding my head in continued shame over the nations' and many of its leaders inability to see the light regarding equality and basic human rights for all the people of the land.

Here's to more peaceful soap watching, bbq ckix & veggie eating, bike riding, Dairy Queen (for her) treating- lazy, hazy days of the end of summer.

theonlydaughter - Middle-Girl

bentfabric77 said...

A-ha!  So I do have to join in order to comment on your blog.  It took me this long to figure out because, hey, I'm a TechnoTard.

Anyhoo, I agree with Zanne.  Your generation is the bridge upon which my generation walks.  I'm hoping all the backbreaking efforts will produce some favorable results soon.

Mmm...KFC.  Mmm...blazin' boneless buffalo wings.

I used to be hooked on the CBS soaps.  So glad I kicked that addiction. :)

bentfabric77 said...

p.s.  Thanx for the honorable mention. :D

nfluxus said...

Perhaps you should explain to Doris that your blogging is much like her going to church for hours. I know you like the church thing but it seems you don't like going there for a whole entire day.