Friday, August 11, 2006

A New Trend

Well, I feel better now.  Nothing like a day at the beach to calm my nerves.  Not to mention, the current Alert Level is now down to orange  for domestic flights.  Oh what a relief, I just feel SO much better.  shit.

Can't write long today.  Gotta go CLEAN out my WHOLE suitcase from shampoo, ALL 10 hair conditioners, 5 perfumes (never know what my mood will be!), tooth paste, frizease, scalp gel, 2 DEODORANTS (peeU!) & liquid make ups including base, mascara, liquid liners, gloss, hmm wonder if we can take lipstick....  yikes just lovely.  Hell, I may not even NEED a suitcase.  I'll just throw a few things into a brown bag & call it a night.  May start a new trend.



syd888 said...

Are you fucking kidding me??  Even makeup?  I would rather be safe than sorry, but I'm gonna have to think a minute about the choice between safe and ugly.

dghtronly said...

I was sooooo annoyed by the news. I just started planning our (taking daughter to Vegas for her Bday in October) trip. I was already on pins, having not flown before... I wasn't so much concerned about the toiletries and such-I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to stuff like that...but just the thought of the whole thing--I mean liquid explosives....????

I'm glad you got through your shift and was able to relax. Here's hoping for continued de-escalation!!!


jabz1965 said...

How scary that is...though I wouldn't worry about makeup LOL it does seem crazy to have to worry about liquid explosives..even toothpaste. So now we'll have a bunch of smelly bad breath people on flights. LOL Glad you went to the beach. YAY