Monday, August 28, 2006

An Easy Weekend

I rarely get a whole weekend off, & often try to juggle my schedule with trips trades just to do so. Since Doris retired it's not such a panic to get ea weekend off, since everyday is a weekend for her, now.  However, it IS still great when I hold one off.  This weekend was going to be so great... but then it rained both days.  DRAT.  The last weekend of the summer & it's pouring at the Shore. 

So we went for brunch then went to a movie; Edelweiss which was fun.  The music & dancing were GREAT & there were some gorgeous black women, not to mention a cameo by Patti LaBelle!  (I LOVE PATTI !) 

Incidentally Dana Owens (Queen Latifa) was making a movie in the parking lot there.  This was in Newark.

A relaxing night in bed, watching TV followed.  And we stayed in bed till noon today!  Yea!! 

Finally got out & went for brunch.  Afterwards went to an open house around the corner from where we live.  It is a BIG french provencial that is beautiful & I SO wish wecould afford it.  But $835,000 is impossible not to mention the $8,000/yr taxes.  Damn.  I wish I were monetarily rich.  I would just love to buy it, take Doris there & hand her the keys!  Oh well.  Great fantasy, & it was fun to imagine living there together!  So much for that.

Went food shopping, came home & Doris cooked a delish chicken/spinach/sweet potato dinner. Yum, Girlfriend can cook!   Then we settled back in bed to watch The Emmy's for 4 hours.  Wow, those dresses look so pretty, but all that silicon; so many breast implants.  geesh. And those actresses have to be so skinny.  They must never eat.  Maybe it is easier if you are always around other people that never eat. They must have been SO starving during that show.  I must say that I was happy about 24 winning a lot, by the way!  I really dig that show. And it was fun seeing all 3 original Charlie's Angels together again.

Btw, on my last flight in I had Mimi Rogers & her family onboard.  She was really nice & very pretty, younger looking in person & thin.  She & her husband were really sweet, good parents to their children.  When she came up to the john, she told us that her 1st husband (Tom Cruise) was not crazy when she knew him, but that it was 15 yrs  ago when they were married.  She was just as nice as she could be, & seemed like a really kind person.

Going to read all my blog favorites, now.  And sleep; it's already past midnight...  Gotta fly out this evening so I'll see y'all wed. 



jabz1965 said...

Ain't it great! What a great weekend. Watching TV in bed with yer girl is wonderful. I know Cindy and I don't get as much time together as we used to so when we do, it's a good thing!

Congrats on the weight are my inspiration!

syd888 said...

First of all, I love Queen Latifah.  Did you get to see her?  

Interesting about Mimi Rogers too.  I've always thought she was/is pretty, but really looks older than her yrs.  The camera really is cruel, isn't it?

I watced the damn Emmys just to see if Farah was going to flip her lid.  I  think she might have been on something, but she did okay.  DAMN.

Can't believe that Grey's Anatomy was shut out.  Bet they'll clean up in yrs to come.

kmb524 said...

Julie- It's HEAVEN!!!  Love Doris, Bed & TV in that order!

Syd- We did not get out of the car to watch the Queen.  She was dressed in a garbage man's overalls & big orange wooly hat standing in front of a garbage truck.  Don't know if it was for a movie or a music video.  

I have had her onboard 3 times.  At first she was standofish, but now she recognizes me & is nicer.  She keeps to herself.  (She doesn't want anyone to think she is gay.)  humph, ah- paleeze.  

dghtronly said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. :)

It's great that you get to meet celeb-even better when they're nice and just like regular people and all.

I tried to get into the Emmy's-just didn't hold me...I don't know if I had too much other stuff on my mind, overstimulation from my weekend activities, yearning to finish one novel then start a new one before Monday, or just the thought that I hadn't kept up that much with TV this year-I wasn't that invested.  

Who knows? parts of it was fun though.  I'm glad to *hear* that you and D had a nice relaxin weekend.

Stay loose.


bentfabric77 said...

Did you say gorgeous black women?  Yum!  Actually I don't care what color they are.

Glad you didn't let the rain dampen your weekend off.  That was a great way to spend it.

The Emmy's lulled me into a coma this year.