Monday, August 14, 2006

One more time

Okay, I'm not going to mention this mess again after this last (hopefully!) time, not that I'm obcessed or anything.  Actually I think a bit of Post Traumatic Stress is kicking in for many of us in the biz.  I guess I should be used to the insanity of it all by now, but is that ever really possible? 

Sorta, it is.  You can go into a numb space & just carry on, business as usual. Uh, isn't this how multiple personalities are formed?  You can call my fabulous flight sky worker Felicia Flight Attendant!  Yeah, that is me.  (uh, not lately!)

Just got back from Lax, the trips to & from were just fine.  Great, actually!  Because if it's 'just fine' & no emergencies, then it's a WONderful flight!  This goes on for regular situations, as well as during times of high stress like NOW!

Flights are packed, loaded- people are not scared.  Call me crazy, but what are they nuts???  If I didn't have to work, I would definately be staying home although it is probably the safest time to fly with all the scrutiny security is giving everyone. I saw them take hand creme & lip gloss away from some woman who forgot & left them in her purse. 

Folks are checking their rollaboards & other suitcases so that they can have their make-up, shampoo & other necessities at their destinations.  Therefore, boarding is Great!!  Quick, no carry-on baggage.  It is a dream. 

Also folks are so nice again, like after 9/11, they are very kind & grateful that we are there to get them from one place to another. I always look at all of them as sparks from God in the beginning of each flight.  Usually it doesn't take long to forget that, once the demands & whining starts. Yesterday it was easier to keep it in my thoughts because psgrs remained polite & kind.

As we were coming in for a landing last night, I was thanking God, Goddess, Universe for giving me so much, including such a great job.  (I do this a lot, so it's part of a praying habit for getting me thru each trip.)  Then I caught myself & a small voice was saying , 'what are you NUTs??  This is insane!'  But I just as quickly blew that off, & remained grateful, happy & calm.

Go Felicia, go!

Man, was I glad to get home.


syd888 said...

Do you work the same routes or do they change up?  I don't know much about your business. Just curious, not stalking, LOL.

sunflowersnstone said...

I thought it was kinda nuts to fly without fear and I think it's a good idea to not have carry on bags. I don't know how they would work out the medication thing for people who might need it but in general I think not having a carry on bag is a good idea. I think the fact that Bush cut 64 million dollars from the security tech funding was NOT a good idea. The man is an ass.

You were the very first person on my mind when I heard about it. I'm happy you're home safely.

luv ya,


sassyfemmect said...

I'm glad I don't have to fly anywhere right now.  I mean, I hate, hate, hate flying to begin with - scares the @#$% out of me, but now, it's just magnified.  

nfluxus said...

I bet no carry ons is a dream. I only have one bag when I board a plane and it fits under the seat. I don't understand why people don't want to check their luggage. It's not that big of a deal.

I'm glad that people aren't scared. I'm not scared to fly. The chances are greater that I'll die in an automobile before I ever come close to dying on a plane.