Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Love the Beach

Had Julie Newmar (the 1st Catwoman on Batman) onboard & she came up to talk to me in the galley!  She was really nice.  Had one of those "old fashioned" type of face lifts from 'back in the day' so in order to not be unkind, let me just say YIKES!!!!!  You can still see the old beauty, tho'.  And she's tall.  Skinny skinny skinny.  TeeNIney wrists.  Oh yeah, & a metal hip replacement that sets off the security alarms each time. She actually said she wanted to do my job when I watched the crew coming out to use the johns.  She said, I can do that job, I can watch them!!! I said, honey, you can Have THAT job!!!  We had a nice little chat, then she went back to her seat. 

So today when I finally got up, we went to the BEACH! again!!  YEA!!!!  Damn, I love that!  I just sit there on a boardwalk bench & totally zone out...  It is really a relaxing thing to do.  The waves crashing on the shore...  SUN!..  Blue skies..  Fleecy clouds..  tan sand...  a sweet breeze wafting about..  Seaguls diving here & there..  Folks lazily sauntering back & forth in various forms of undress...  kites flying..  single engine planes pulling banners advertising different places to go.., & on a tues, not too much noise !!  God, it's delightful!!  Now I'm ready to fall off the face of the earth into deep slumber.  Nitey night.


bentfabric77 said...

Have you ever had any other celebrities?

jabz1965 said...

How awesome! I bet that was a blast and something you'll never forget! Ahh the I love the water and wished I lived closer to the ocean, but I'm stuck in middle america for now! Someday though, I am determined! YES! That's why I love the lakes here. Cindy and I are planning a retreat long weekend in October to go back to the lake and stay in the cabin. We had a blast last year.

Isn't it funny how people always think they can do your job? LOL Of course, I always have people tell me, "I couldn't do your job. You are so patient!" BAHAHAHA if they only knew that's my other personality!

kmb524 said...

Julie - Ahhhh multiple personalities!  They come in SO handy, no?  haha!

Bent - Lordy, Yes!  Too many to list.  It's easier to think of who I haven't had onboard than try to list all I have had onboard.  

zannetoro said...

Wow that's cool! The first thing that came to mind was the movie "To Wong Foo with love, Julie Newmar" but I digress! Hope you have a fantabulous time at the beach!! I'm completely envious! :)

dghtronly said...

Wow, how special is that?

Your wonder and love of the beach is (almost) infectious. I haven't been to the beach once, well except for my birthday trip to Navy Pier-not technically, the beach front-but I saw a whole lotta water and some boats. Not my favorite spot--but I love hearing you describe it and how you feel when you're there. It is wonderful to have something that provides peaceful pleasure-especially to have it accessible. -Priceless-

Enjoy !