Sunday, August 06, 2006

So Much For Sunday

There are 2 excellent TV preachers I love to watch Sunday morning.  The best, Joel Osteen is based in Houston.  He is fABULOUS & so funny.  In 30 short minutes he delivers a message so good that I always get a lot from his sermon!  It always amazes me that my own church reverend has to take hours with his sermons & I get so bored I don't even KNOW what the hell the message is by that time, nor do I care. 

The other minister is TD Jakes based in Dallas.  He is really dynamic & also so funny!  He also gets his message across in only 30 minutes.  Both these guys are exciting, even tho they have totally different styles. 

I USED to always tune into the Hour of Power with Robert Schuller but a few weeks ago he did a whole sermon about "certain interest groups" trying to change the definition of marriage. Fuck Him.  Now these other 2 guys may also be homophobic but since I don't know that yet, ignorance is bliss. 

I always have these show on while doing makeup & getting ready to go to church & sing in the choir with Doris.  Today, altho the main service & music was grand, there was an extra program afterwhich we all had dinner there.  The Sisters' can really cook, but seeing that Im trying to loose weight, no mac & cheese, biscuits, potato salad, gravy or rice for me.

Doris was in her Gospel singing glory, happily enjoying her sisters & all her church ladies, they are all very nice & over 70yrs.  I was SO DAMN BORED I thought I would just DIE.  Although I made myself useful & went around picking up all the trash & empty plates, I can ONLY take SO much of this. We didn't get home until 400pm.  The whole day shot to hell.

Call me a heathen, but I can get my 'praise on' JUST as much if not more, just hanging out in bed & watching my simple TV church!  I can tune in The Bobby Jones Gospel Show for wonderful singing as well. 

But I go to church to be with Doris, to share Praise & Worship with her, to share in this part of her life.  God is important in our lives, but lately I've been going less & she seems to be going more.  I hope it's not a sign of trouble in our relationship.  Next sunday I have a trip to fly.  I'll have an excuse for not going.  Phew! 

I'm a lot more Spiritual than I am religious.  I definitely need God, Goddess, Universe in my life.  It is the ONLY way I can keep myself from being totally negative & depressed everyday.  And it is how I've learned to pull myself out of the ruts of depression I can easily fall into.  Gospel music Really helps, but sitting in a church building all day doesn't do it.

Give me nature any day.  Perhaps a trip to the Poconos is due, Pine trees by the Delaware Water Gap!  Or at the very least, I need a beach!  Either shore.  The Pacific is prettier, but the Atlantic will do.  Maybe tomorrow!!!!? 


sunflowersnstone said...

he can get his message across in 30 min.... hey, i know you like that guy. lol

syd888 said...

I agree, TD Jakes is great.  

From one heathen to another, I can take the sermon.  It's all the "fellowship" bullshit that drives me crazy.

My UN-holy ass was at home drinking martinis and watching Nascar.  Try to reconcile those two things, LOL!

jabz1965 said...

You are great because you can do these things with Doris and even on your own. For myself, I, too, am spiritual, but I don't get into the preaching aspect. Cindy is spiritual also, but neither one of us attend church. She had some bad experiences growing up...but if she did attend, I am sure I would, just to be with her.The things we do for! If you find the right motivator, that is the main thing! I applaud you so much! YAY!