Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Complaining again

     Okay, Im tired.  Been back flying over a month now.  Not picking up extra trips for overtime, so Im NOT making any money.  My accounts are dwindeling down to practically empty (like my damn gass tanks) & I just dont have the steam to do real estate.  blaa...seriously not into to that right now.  Im too pooped.

      Next month I have picked up time & am scheduled for 85 hrs, but I doubt it will be enough.  I am paying this kid $100 to pick up a weekend trip so I can go to my 40th high school reunion.  The hotel will cost over $150.  The main ticket was $100.  The car rental will be a lot for sure, but gotta have a car, I SO love to drive by my old house... over & over!!  Wierd when all I ever did was want to get the hell away from there back in the day.  I really CANT afford this trip, but you know that wont stop me.  I am informing the elist group that I'll be going as Flotilla deBarge to warn them of my girth... I KNOW they are going to be shocked to see me this way.  I need courage to go being this fat.  I have nothing cool to wear, doubt moo moos or caftans will impress anyone. 

     One great thing, I have started Weight Watchers & have lost 5 lbs (this was my 3rd week.)  This has made me happy as I am really, really trying & finally I am seeing some progress!  Nevermind that I am starving to death, here!  I am eating more vegetables than I ever thought Id even look at in this lifetime.  Boy, was I ever lucky in the 1st part of my life that I could eat anything & everything & still look great.  Menopause sucks.

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