Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dumb-Ass Americans

I have been flying with the biggest bitch four days in a row.  A REPUBLICAN moron who not only Wants the war to continue (because she doesn't want another 9/11 - uh, like the rest of us do???)... 
She wants those soldiers there for her protection & she is SO SURE they all believe in what they're doing & want to stay there.  Of course her OWN children aren't there. 

Oh & not only is she a rePUBIClan (spelling on purpose) she wants Huckabee to win, she is born again & is not for choice & DOESN'T even believe in birth control.  Gawd what a imbecile.

Even though Doris & I have been together 26yrs (2 yrs more than she & her oh, so religious husband) we shouldn't have the right to get married since my lover doesn't have a dick.  (uhhh, do strap-ons count?) 

Oh. My. God.
She is just SO damn righteous, moral, good ....  NOT!!   She is a totally vain,  narcissistic, self-centered 'know it all' control freak & the  world revolves around her. 
Hello, Mother???
It was a miserable 4 days.

Also she "has a huge passion" to be a life coach against bullies saying that bullying during childhood is so seriously horrendous.  Interesting how she seems to be one of the biggest bullies I've met in adulthood.
I was nice to her the whole time because we had to work together, but at the end when we were walking to the employee bus she asked what Iwould tell other FA's about her (she KNOWS how I have no patience with lousy #1's..) 

I said among other things, that you're a f'in Republican.  She said you shouldn't talk about other people's political preference, it's personal.  I was like no WAY, I talk about it. She said that is slander.  I said it is NOT slander, oh wait- so you KNOW you're wrong?!  She said it's your tone, how you say it - you're just mad I'm Republican.  I said indignantly, I'm not mad,  I'm  disGUSTed.

The truth is I actually have some 'good' friends who are Republicans... even after this administration's fuck-ups of the last 8 years.  It's just baffling

It does certainly make me wonder why I'm friends with people who would vote for those that consider us second-class citizens, deny me equality & therefore don't support my very being.  Friends?  What, am I daft? 

They can all just suck my rather long, hard, bulbous, sweaty CLIT.


onetoughcookie43 said...

Oh Lordy!! LOL!!
Right on for letting her know that she is NOT the only person that counts!!

sassyfemmect said...

After that last sentence I'm not even sure what to say!  LOL

She sounds like a pain in the ass.  I like the way you told her you weren't mad, just disgusted.