Monday, February 04, 2008

What a Great SUPERBOWL!

Well how much fun was the Superbowl this year!  I never thought the Giants had a chance, but WOW!  They were great!!!  It is actually amazing that I even give a shit as I've never been into male sports & all the testosterone poisoning that goes with it.  But this year I've started to actually understand & enjoy the games. 

Last night?  Excellent!!!!  Fun, fun fun! 

Perhaps because they all seem so young now & their cockiness doesn't bother me so much. 

Maybe because I'm starting to feel more violent in my old age.  (hmmm THIS can't be good.) 

Possibly because I've had Michael Strahan on 3 different flights & he has always been such a nice, polite gentleman.  (btw he is BIG!) 

Maybe because Doris enjoys it so much & it's fun to watch together.

Uhmm... all the humongous, round butts are a phenomenon..?  (dang! anybody else notice this??) 

Who the hell knows?  I can't believe it.  I actually like watching football.  yikes.

What's next?
Hockey tickets??

I doubt it.
Never ever ever EVER!

*Just a note:  I thought Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers was the LAMEST Superbowl half time in the history of the world.  <<<<snore.>>>> ~~~~c o m a~~~~ !!!!BANG!!!!(falling off the bed...)

Seriously folks.  If we have to watch old fart, brokedown, gnarly, crotchity whiteass boy/men bring back the Rolling Stones, at least they are still fun to watch & the songs are Exciting. 

Brown Sugar anyone??


dghtronly said...

I like football. I enjoyed the game. I didn't even bother with the half-time show, in fact I haven't bothered with the half-time shows in years. Anyhoo...good game.

What? No hockey?  tsk tsk tsk--for shame. ;)

Glad you enjoyed the game. Glad it was *A* game.  


onetoughcookie43 said...

Maybe because I'm starting to feel more violent in my old age.  (hmmm THIS can't be good.)  

ROTFL to that statement above!!! I felt the EXACT same way about Tom Petty and the "Old-Fart-Breakers!!!!" It was lame. I would have rather seen "The Rolling-Gallstones" too!! GO GIANTS!!!! I yelled so much in the last quarter until I had to take my blood pressure pill early. Glad you enjoyed the game!