Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have flown with a wonderful FA twice since I wrote my last entry.  So I am ever so much happier.  I should know better about letting people steal my joy, but that was a hard one.  Sorry for my rant tirade, but I had to let it out!  I have 2 more trips this month, both with excellent women so it will be great!

This weekend is the Blogger's Getogether over at Sassyfemme's in Conn.  I could not go because of flying so much, only had sat/sun off & I HAD to rest.  Plus I'm broke.  Plus it snowed & I had to drive home thru all that weather after landing at midnight on fri.  So I am feeling bad about not getting to go.  Would love to meet all those fabulous bloggers I read all the time.  Drat.

So this is good...  Yesterday Doris & I joined a great gym/health club/fitness & wellness center.  It is very expensive, but they had a sale of $150 off as well as Sr. discounts, Doris wanted it, so I thought yeah!!!  Let me be supportive here, as she won't go to Weight Watchers with me.

Since this place is an affiliate of a hospital there is a nurse & it has every machine in the world!!!  2 pools, one for laps & one for water arobics (D's favorite,) bunches of classes, a real pilates studio with those big machines (this costs extra, but I always wanted to try those huge contraptions!) & best of all for me, a STEAM room!!  Also a healthfood restaurant.

I shall let go of the Curves membership which is so easy & try to get back in shape with this gym!  The people that have lost the most weight at WW have joined here, it is serious.  I am back up to 175 lbs, so hopefully this should help.  (Of course those damn desserts (cookies/ coffeecakes) I keep scarfing down at night have got to go.)  When, I don't know.  I feel rebellious & want to cram them in my mouth.  This makes no sense since I lost 50lbs before, so I know I can do it.  Guess I just didn't like doing it.  Why does what is good for us always have to be so hard??? 


onetoughcookie43 said...

Good luck with the new gym. I am going through a similar struggle with my weight. It does seem that everything good for us is so very hard to stick to or maintain. Just hang in there though. It might not be easy but at least  you are "doing" something.

sassyfemmect said...

What's good for us is so hard because it's the flip side of what's bad for us tastes so damn good.

I'm really sorry you weren't able to make it, and hope that you will next time.  Can you guys make it to the fundraiser Val is organizing in Bridgeport on April 5?

dghtronly said...

I'm glad your most recent trips were much more pleasant.