Thursday, December 03, 2009

This & That

I just got a cortizone shot in my R. thigh, ahhhh- that shot hurts like a MF but the burcitis pain is gone for the moment!!! Now just the heel spurs are killin' me. Least this isn't a terminal illness, it's just decrepidness!!! Look on the bright side I always say!!!

This was my latest entry on fb... Since then the pain has come back but I think it's the residual from the cortisone, it is a very thick white substance & is SO painful to take into the body... So I'm thinking that's the problem, I just cant remember if this happened 3 months ago when I last had this shot. Anyway...

I should mention Thanksgiving was GREAT!
D & her daughter/grandaughter didnt go to the Thanksgiving parade, instead we all met around 500pm that night at the neice's house in Burlington... hence they didnt stay over.

Also the youngest son didn't come so I escaped THAT aggravation.. although I shall now definately have to put up with him during Xmas. Still a few weeks before I have to deal with that. sigh.....

Tomorrow is the last fri nite for Monk - it's over for good. I lOVE that show. I hate that it's done. Shit shit shit. Can't wait to watch.

BTW the Dr is giving me a continued sick leave excuse until 4/3/10. Hope the company approves it. Because I sure can't go back to work. I got a cane, crutches, & a walker in the wings for the days I need it. Tonight I used a cane & a crutch trying to get to the john. Ha!

A Victoria's Secret commercial came on with all these gorgeous babes in wings & g strings, Doris was going ohhhhh... I was like honey you watch these lovely ladies while I hobble to the bathroom...
We just cracked up.
Guess you had to be here.


JulieB said...

TOO FUNNY! Cindy and I ooooh and Ahh over women and then I always add..."but she is not my girl!" Cindy just says "oh whatever!" LMAO

Anonymous said...

What a sweet pic of you two!

I LOL @ the Victoria Secret thing!

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

Maria said...

Bing always lies her head off when the Victoria Secret girls come on. She says, "they are so ugly..."