Saturday, December 26, 2009

Amazing When Life Takes care Of Itself

Hello! Christmas is over, Glory Halleluia! It was most everything I wanted! Alleluia Amen & Awomen!!!

Had it been everything, I would not have gained so much weight this year to almost 210 lbs complete with a huge square butt that has grown up to the middle of my back & a gutt that sticks out so far I look preggers with triplets, however it DOES make a big ledge to rest my bulbous 44DD breasts on. Yeee-up! I'm a doll. My quadrupile chins that now hide my neck do come in handy when I nod off, they seem to hold my head up.

Anyway I digress. The thing I always hate about xmas as you all KNOW is having men laying around the house watching MTV whore dancers & talking on the phone, taking up couch space eating anything in the fridge. Especially the deadbeat, stank-ass piece-of-shit crappy father, youngest son of D's.

So it was all set up again as usual... Dipshit was coming in from Dtw on the bus ticket his mother sent him - everyone (but me) was excited to see him... His son, his sister, his brother, his neice & nephews, cousins, aunts, uncle & esp. my beautiful Doris.

Well he missed the first bus that left at 900pm & got in at 1045am the next day. So he will catch the same bus the next day & get in on xmas morning. nice.
Well Doris got up bright & early, got dressed & pretty, zoomed off to the Newark terminal to pick him up. I stayed home to tidy up some more (& I couldn't stand the thought of going to get the effin' slug.)

An hour later, Dumbshit deadbeat calls to say the bus trip cancelled (last night) because of storms across the country & he wouldn't be there. There was nothing he could do about it. I said you COULD have called your mother collect to tell her last night so she wouldn't be sitting out there at Penn Station Newark waiting for you right now...

So I called her, told her to turn her gorgeous ass around & come home - HERMAN (who goes by Asmar btw -can't blame anyone named Herman for changing to anything else) wasn't coming, the bus cancelled. She was like WHAAAAATTTT?????? But she pulled herself together because she knows I do NOT agree with him taking her money for a ticket... among everything else.

I felt so sorry for her, I know she was totally hurt. I can't stand the motherfucker, but he's her baby & she loves him no matter what. I just can't believe what a shit he is that he didnt call before she left to get him. The night before. What a fucking jackass.

HowEVER... I was suddenly delighted with life, & how amazing it is that it sometimes works out!!! Christmas was great! The grub was outstanding! D & I could go home & run up & down the stairs butt naked! So wonderful.
For me at least!


the only daughter said...

How so very pleasant that all worked to your pleasure.

butt naked. excellent.

Maria said...

I would love for my company to leave so that I could run around butt naked. But...since Bing keeps the thermastat on 60..might get a bit nippy.

JulieB said...

bAHAHAHA I loved this entry! I just read it outloud to Cindy. You are so funny without meaning to! See, sometimes things happen for a reason...y'all were meant to run around naked! LOL