Sunday, January 03, 2010

koo koo stream of consciousness

I do not feel good. I have had such a sore throat & bad cough for a week. The cough is violent & down in my lungs. After 7 days my ribs feel cracked everytime I cough, which is often. So guess I'll go to a Dr tomorrow. Seems by now this cold should be over. wtf? I want my life back. Been knocked out sleeping with all that Nyquil.

I need to clean up my room. As if thats gona happen once I get better. Doris has now taken to calling me a hoarder. So I watch those Hoarding shows, which are really horrid, & I do feel better about myself, phew! I sure aint that bad. Since when is not throwing out perfectly fine clothing being a hoarder? And for me, I need 2 sizes for everything- gigantic, & 40-50lbs less for when I lose this tonnage.

My loverwoman is so lame, that she never yelled at her shit for brains mf son that totally blew her off for Xmas & didnt bother to call to let her know he wouldn't be at the bus station while she sat there waiting to see her baby boy. In fact, she WAS going to cash in the ticket, but then he called & said he would come another time, & she was fine with it. Fucking lame I tell you, there is no hope for her - or us for that matter when the subject of her own personal jack-ass dumb fuck bastard seed is anywhere in the picture. Herman the vermin... It's so fucking pathetic. SO GLAD I didn't have children.

Hmmm. What else? I mean to loose weight this year. Too bad I totally abused myself with food & weigh 210, maybe more now. I figured it out at the last ww meeting. It was last January when good ole Sully landed his plane in the middle of the Hudson River. Scared me to death! - So bad that I got totally depressed & decided if I could possible die like that, fuck starving myself to look perfect. Seriously that is what triggered me & I was off & running eating anything & everything I wanted. And loved it all.

But now I'm on anti-depressants. And I seriously look like fucking pure-dee shit. So this is the year I again gotta get a grip. soon. shortly. in a minute. or two. Hell. I was gorgeous when I was young. NOBODY would know that to look at me now. It's a shame. Very sad. But there are so many lessons to learn from that. Too many to list. WhatEVER, I'll get it together, I did it 2 years ago, I can do it again.


It's embarrassing to go out in public looking like this. This is no joke. I would rather just stay home.

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otter said...

sorry you are not feeling very good about yourself right now:(