Thursday, May 08, 2008

That First Trip After Vacation...

Have MERcy.
About 1 hour before landing a female psgr attacked a male Flight Attendant in the aft galley because they wouldn't serve her any more vodka. 

She had been told to sit down & fasten her seat belt because the seat belt sign was on.  She wouldn't move & kept asking for vodka.  (Earlier she could barely stay on her feet going to the lav & needed help getting back to her seat.)  She kept asking for vodka all night (5 1/2 hr flight) & did not like that she had been cut off. 

When she wouldn't sit down when the seat belt sign went on, she lunged into the galley & grabbed the intercom phone out of a FA'S hand & started bashing him in the head with it repeatedly, she started hitting & scratching him with her other hand.  3 FA's were sitting on the aft jumpseat (myself included) & we jumped up & tried to stop her.  Her adrenalin was SO powerful we couldn't pull her off, he was bleeding from his temple & long sabre scratchmarks on his arm, & she knocked out a cap on his tooth.  He was backed up against the ovens trying to cover his face & protect himself.  Another male FA finally got her off him & escorted her back to her seat, where she became docile then fell asleep. (passed out!)  Police & paramedics met the flight on landing in NJ.  I can't say much else as it's now turned over to the FBI. 

The thing is it was so scarey.  It happened SO fast, she just snapped.  Also she was so small (about 5'7") & slim & waifish, I would have never thought she would have any kind of power.  OMG.   It was really terrible. My friend was taken to a hospital in an ambulance & had a tetnus shot.  He isn't back to work yet. 

I just flew another trip with the other 2 FA's involved & we are all achey & exhausted & rather lethargic...  I personally just couldn't get any speed up tonight, I just didn't care.  I mean I cared about the psgrs, but not about how fabulous I worked the flight.  And of course you all must realize by now I am an awesome, fast & efficient Flight Attendant.  Or I was.  ha!

I have one day off, I am going to the gym & WW. 


dghtronly said...

Holy Toledo! That sounds awful and scary. Sounds like girlfriend was being fueled by something other than vodka. Glad you guys were able to get her subdued.

FAs  are awesome. I don't know how well I'd cope with the prospect of being trapped in a tin can with a crazy assed banshee....Sheesh!

Here's hoping for a pleasant, peaceful day off.


sassyfemmect said...

Holy shit!