Saturday, January 21, 2006


Warning:  This is very boring unless you really want to know about Doris' 70th Bday Party.

After getting in at 0300 from a messed up trip, I slept a few hours, got up early slipped out while she was still sleeping to get balloons & roses & set up the 4 cards I got her.  She loved it.  We went to the Scotchwood for Brunch after which a group of servers brought her a slice of cake with a candle in it & sang Happy Birthday!  That was so nice of them.

Got back into bed for awhile then put on makeup & left for "Weight Watchers" (the story I told Doris) & took my cameras & 2 big story boards with her pictures from babyhood till now to Freshwaters.  Then made the trek to Newark to pick up Nijohn, Davion, Lynette & Shechinah (who remarked to me that I should have surgery on my long nose to make it shorter.)  (she's 4.)  Of course they weren't ready so I had to wait at their new apt.  Drove back in rush hr traffic, bumper to bumper.  Frickin' pain. 

Called Sis on the way home, after dropping them off at Freshwaters, coordinating going to the party.  I told her I couldn't get balloons, so she said she would (ps she only got 3 for God's sake, although one had a big 70 on it which was really cool.)  (Doris thought we were havin a birthday dinner with Sis & Barbara.)  Told Doris the traffic was hideous when I finally rolled in.  Sis called & told me to wait 10 minutes as not everyone was there yet.

When we arrived, Sharon Freshwater led us up the stairs to "show us a new painting she bought" & I could see everybody's legs & feet under the tables at the top of the stairs in the darkened room.  When Doris got up to the landing everyone jumped up & shouted "S U R P R I S E ! ! ! !"   Her mouth just dropped & she was shocked.  Everyone was clapping & singing Happy Birthday, Doris was totally stunned.  There was a whole lot of Love in the room in everyone's eyes & smiles.  She was speechless & kept saying "I am so surprised," about 75 times.  It was really SO GREAT!! 

Yipee YEEEAAAAh, Yipee-i-o-kiii-A  ! ! !   I was thrilled, myself!  How wonderful it worked!

The party was just grand!  Everybody chowed down on plates piled high with baked chicken, babyback ribs, garlic shrimp, potato salad, collard greens, mac & cheese, string beans, & candied sweets with corn muffins, coke, ice tea & lemonade.  (I think I was the only one who ate everything on my plate with my Weight Watcher starvation..) Everyone else was so full before they finished. I should have ordered more ribs, they were so scrumptious. 

Dolly, Harriet & Helen came late when we were eating.  Then Derrick, Lulu & little Derrick came late, but at least they came.  Lois tried crashing the party with some young woman.  (amazing.)  By the time Tiffany arrived, all the food had been packed away so she ordered ala carte.  Doris was thrilled Tiff was there & she looked beautiful!  I was now running around snapping pictures. 

Then came dessert.  I had 2 ice cream cakes made, a big slab with a picture of Doris as a baby next to a picture of her now with Happy 70th Birthday Doris.  The other a medium round cake with a picture of Nijohn & Doris in a swim suit on it with Happy Birthday Nijohn for his 14th bday on the same day.  (Didn't want him to feel left out although this party was definately for Doris.)  And also, after everyone was sated on ice cream cake, out came the peach cobler!  That was a definate hit.

Doris was darting in & out among her guests busily chatting, laughing & entertaining with her great sense of humor!  She was SO HAPPY.  !  Mission accomplished !   Girlfriend was just thrilled!  It was all very satisfying after all the fretting, worrying, sweating, & aggravation...(Sharon the self-absorbed, rude bitch daughter.  She WAS NOT missed (Tiffany made sure she called her on her cell phone & hand it to Doris where she copped a 'I was afraid to loose my job & leave work early' number (like she doesn't do that all the time I'm so sure...) & neither was Herman & his bs missed.)

My baby wasa happy girl, albeit a 70yr old lady!  She looked radiant.  It was worth taking $1500 to do all this from the credit union. 

Today We had brunch with Sis.  Then we went to see "Capote."  It was good, what acting!  I think I'll get "In Cold Blood," & read it for the next 2 yrs.  That book is thick.

Came home & fell asleep.  Lord I'm exhausted.  Now I have to get up in 3 hours & fly out (sunday) tomorrow.    Hope I get some sleep now.  My feet still hurt from the last trip.  I'm so glad I didn't have to tromp around the Auto Show at the Meadowlands today, Doris will do that with Sis tomorrow.  phew!


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sunflowersnstone said...

This is good news. I'm so happy it went off well.