Sunday, January 08, 2006

ah.... Sundays at home

Ahh  Sundays, sweet Sundays....  in bed, Alone...  Doris went to church but didnt bother me about going even tho this was our Sunday to sing.  I immediately went back to sleep after she left.  mmmm, s l e e p !   Didn't even read all the sunday papers stacked up at the bottom of the mattress.  Really am tired. 

Now just catching up on computer reading & watching a really neat lesbian movie,"Desert Hearts."  God, it's so cool!  Doris is downstairs back home cooking a delecious smelling chicken dinner.

Life is wonderful, once again.   Oooh, here comes the best part of the movie.  later.....

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sunflowersnstone said...

you did not give the name of this movie K. uh, what's up with that? just leavin us out here in the dark... tisk, tisk, tisk.