Friday, January 06, 2006


Just had 1 day off, accomplished a lot even tho' I didn't get home till 0430 yesterday morn.  I noticed the equipment has been changed to a 767 again today so Pam & Marilyn get to deadhead.  I love working the 767. (in coach.)

So had brunch wit Sis, got dog/cat food & kitty litter,

Took down outdoor xmas lights.  That's always sad.  Can't take down the tree inside yet, it's still so pretty, & it hasn't been up that long.

Went to the A&P, bought food for dinner & took it home for D. to cook.

Went to Weight Watchers.  This is the 1st day I didn't loose any weight since the beginning.  Must have been that fucking delecious ziti that Sis sent over.  Just couldn't stop once I started, my God it was good.  Oh well, at least I maintained the 25 lbs lost & didn't gain.  Of course I've been starving  for 2 days for repentence.

Went to drug store, got hair stuff & frickin' support pantyhose.  Can I ever have enough hair conditioner?

Doris had cooked a delecious Salmon /veggie dinner & was actually walking Roxie when I got home! 

Then we got in bed & watched "Dancing With The Stars" for 2 hours.  I LOVE that show!!  It is great!

Now I gotta get ready for work again, time to leave.  So soon?  Just as well.

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