Thursday, January 19, 2006

MIA Layover

Im on a Miami layover in a beach hotel.  They have computers for crew folks to use on the mezanine.  Im  very tired, this was our day;

lax-ewr... sit in ewr 3 hrs then

ewr-mia.  Long fuckin' day. 

Could have been worse, I guess I shouldn't complain, especially since Im off the plane & in a hotel finally! 

Im starting to worry about the surprise party for Doris.  I hope everybody comes. 

Her daughter, Sharon has not returned ANY of my calls.  She has always been a rude little piece of work.  Very self-centered.  Perhaps it is because she is her mother's daughter.  Ooooh, did I say that?  She & Herman have the same father.  Perhaps they both inherited his asshole gene.  rrrggggghhhhhh.

Who the hell knows why people have no courteous behavior involving family.  Well, I know why I didn't, but these 2 have such a sweet mother who loves them so much - I just don't get it.  They seriously don't know how lucky they were & are to have a mother like Doris. 

At least Derrick knows, & I am definately counting on him to show up.  Derrick most always comes thru for Ms. Dottie.  He appreciates the struggle she went through to raise her 3 children alone.  I could have never done it, myself. 

And clearly neither could "Shay" who totally ignored her daughter growing up & "Asmar" who contributes nada to his two boys, doesn't even visit them when he does come to town.  But Oh, Well.....  Nevermind all that...

Friday will be a great party for my soon to be 70 year old baby!  I hope no one has tipped her off to tell her the surprise.  I also hope I make it in on time, because the weather today was fierce, which is why we got in so late.

I am really annoyed at Sharon.  Hell, at least she could have returned ONE of my many calls.  That's just not right.  How dissappointing.

I must stop this negativity.  I was doing quite well for a couple of weeks there. And I'm cleaning up around the house more.   I'm trying to be better.  When I'm tired, it gets harder. 

I walked out to the beach by myself when I first got here tonight.  The clouds are covering the fullish moon & it is dark & eerie out there for miles, yet beautifully mysterious.  When I get away from my own limited life & gaze into  a part of the world not well known to me, it is awsome to consider so many different lives elsewhere. 

Although I would rather be home, laying in bed next to my Doris, I am very grateful for the life I do have & to be here tonight.

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