Saturday, January 14, 2006


I notice when it takes a while to put an entry in this blog that I am relatively happy & things are good!  I seem to need to blog when something is bothering me.  Right now things are great, thank GOD, GODDESS, UNIVERSE! 

I took my name off the side bar under circling thoughts.  A cyber friend pointed out how careless that could be.  It's true I think.  Altho' I am always careful not to say anything incriminating about my job, perhaps it is still risky. 

 Interesting how we all worry about getting fired, esp after all these decades of blood, sweat & tears.  Luckily I do still love my job enough to want to keep it.  (Well, I can hate it too- it seems everything is a bit of a love/hate relationship with me.) 

Pam got on my nerves last night.  She can be such a bitch, but she is still a very good person.  I am a bitch, but I am a good person, so she is no worse than I.  Well, she IS a much worse bitch.  So there.

Last night they (Pam & Marilyn - I call them Parilyn) were complaining about my perfume... (they always complain about perfume - they are alergic, but Pam wears a lot & it doesnt bother them...)  well I have been wearing this one to work for 2 yrs now, thought Id found one that doesnt bother them as well. 

I love to wear perfume & smell pretty, so does Doris.  I finally got home after deadheading to JFK & limo-ing back to EWR.  (Pain in the ass, our flight cancelled in LA)   I asked Doris (all cuddled up in bed) if I stunk.  she said mmmm, no YOU smell GrEaT. 

Good, that is good, Parilyn can go blow.  I was so glad to get home to Doris.  Thank the Lord that all is well on the home front again!

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