Sunday, January 08, 2006


It was good to fly with Pam & Marilyn again.  Parilyn I call them.  Pam was talking about retiring in 1 1/2 hrs.  Marilyn is not so sure about being home with Michael everyday with no chance to get away.  I am worried about not getting SS for 2 yr - not enough money, maybe not enough even then. 

Andy was #1. 

So talking to them about fighting with Doris almost upset me again, since Pam thinks we should seek couples counseling so as not to let it go so far to where we can't get it back.  she may be right. 

I brought the fight up when we were taking baths tonight.  She was annoyed, but I told her I didnt want to fight anymore & if she didnt understand it is being disrespected in front of her Kids & grandkids that sends me over the edge, then it will only happen again. 

Then we just talied about other stuff.  She seems to have handled that okay.  Now Im tired, Im going to sleep.  To much IMing tonight!!!  It is always good to touch base with my cyber space friends.

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