Friday, January 27, 2006

Time To Go Back To work

Well, these past 3 days off seemed like a vacation since I was so beat, tired, & broke.  I was going to pick up a trip for more money, but I really needed the rest.

D. & I went to see Walk The Line again yesterday & it was finally working at the theater.  It was good again, even the 2nd time for me.  I want to see Brokeback Mountain again, it was such a beautiful movie.  I don't need to see Capote again, once was quite enough for that even tho' it was so great.  I really don't know which I'd rather see win best actor, Im sure Phillip Seymour Hoffman will get it - but damn if Joaquin Phoenix wasn't fucking fabulous as Johnny Cash.

Gotta fly out to lax this evening.  I can handle it as long as it isn't that damn early sign in.  phew!  Still, I'd rather not ever have to work again.  Altho' I notice that Doris is beginning to forget a lot of stuff now that she is so relaxed & away from the office. 

Found out Doris had a long, 1 1/2 hr phone conversation when SHE called that damn Bernadette.  Bernie was our next door neighbor for 10yrs & she was A BITCH to me.  I mean, she was NOT nice.  It really bothers me that Doris not only called her, but was so nice to her talking for so long (she is old & now lives with her daughter.)  I mean, it's wierd.  Doris didn't care for her when she was next door complaining about everything.  But that's just Doris - she is kind to everyone no matter how bad they are.  I should just be able to not let this bother me, but I swear I am so pissed about it.  Also she was real nice to that stupid bitch who ate ice creme in front of us all (altho doris wasnt there that day) at Curves.  I mean, it's a free country, eat ice creme all you want & be a huge chunky blimp, but DONT do it where people are seriously TRYING to loose weight, exercise & get healthy.  FUCK.  Doris says I let too much bother me. Okay, obviously she is right, but these things REALLY REALLY PISS ME OFF. 

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