Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Fight

Another fight.  sigh.  I just don't know.  Can it be any clearer that we are coming apart?  Could the writing be any bigger on the fucking wall already?  I am starting to hate her.  I hate this, that's for sure.  Good thing I'm flying out tomorrow.  Which I hate that I have to go back to work already.  I traded my 1st trip that went out today so that I could have an extra day of vacation.  Nice day, went to the movies... 

She was calling her kids/grandkids...  just chatting.  Called up Herman, just chatting like none of this past week ever happened.  hehehe, hahah, chat chat chat, Then all of a sudden screams at ME in the phone (which Herman is on the other end) Kathy don't change that channel.  (I am turning on channel 5 for "House"...which SHE likes, not me  so much, I'm doing it for her.)  But she actually SCREAMS at me in front of him.  I just loose it.  I dont even KNOW what I said.  The thing is she NEVER knows when she's screaming at me.  And she ends up disrespecting me in front of her kids, her grandkids, & that was it, I wasn't having it anymore.  So here we go again, I'm mean, I'm horrible, I'm a nasty bitch, I get shingles & everything else because I'm such a fucked up , dispicable miserable bitch.  She's fine, she doesnt get sick, that's why I'm always sick because I'm so hateful.  So when I respond to her in the way that she has just screamed & responded to me she doesn't even get that she did it first.  What ever.  I'm tired.  Just getting sick of it all.  24 years & here we are.  Go figure.  This truly sucks.

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sunflowersnstone said...

attached to every shingle there's a heatful word originating from her mouth, remind her of that.