Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Today is Martin Luther King's B'day Holiday!  It is SO amazing that we finally have this nationally!  It was a long struggle to get this in every state.  Unfortunately I think it will be a longer struggle to ever abolish racisim. 

Growing up in Texas, everything was segregated.  I never liked that, & always felt the unfairness.  Last week I spoke with someone who does not want to move back to our old neighboorhood because she now has children.  She said that everyone there now sends their kids to that snooty private school, Hockaday.  It is because things have changed so much, schools are integrated & actually get help from the govt.for those who need free school meals.  She doesn't want her kids to have to grow up around that.

Very, very sad.  The more things change, the more they stay the ssme.  Fucking biggot rednecks.  So glad I escaped, even tho' predjudice abounds everywhere.

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