Thursday, February 02, 2006

Leaving on A Jet Plane...

Im flying out again later today to LAX.  Don't wanna leave my warm, cuddly bed with Doris all snuggled up here.

Little did I know when singing Peter, Paul & Mary's "I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane..." over & over again in college it would someday become the 'bane' of my exsistence. haha!  I do still like the job, I just don't wanna leave home...

Once I'm on the plane, up in the air working, I'm fine. Not that it's hard, but I am good at it...  I do get exhausted after 37 yrs now, but it's a lot easier than selling Real Estate (which I also have done) because Flight Attendants are NICE & Real Estate agents suck.  (Well, except for a very few.)

Last night I was reading Rosie's Blog, I really dig Rosie O'Donnell.  Low & behold, she, & everyone writing in comments - no longer like The View or American Idol.  Okay, whatever.  Well, I still LOVE both. 

I LOVE The View, except for that little, snitty, no-brain Elisabeth they added last year.  And Star should admit she had gastric bypass instead of acting as if she lost all that weight with dieting, excercise & 'Love.' Joy's a riot, & Meridith is good. I miss Lisa Ling. 

I also still love Am. Idol, I mean REALLY, those no-singing, no talent dolts NEED to be told they're BAD.  Simon still cracks me up, Paula & Randy - fun.  Everyone knows Simon is MEAN so If you can't take it, then don't go on that show. 

I just love TV, that's all.  It is fun & relaxes me.  These brainiacs that don't watch TV are missing it!  Guess I'm just easily entertained. So maybe I'm a dolt, too!

Oh, PS:  at Weight Watcher's last night I have NOW LOST 29 LBS!!!  YEEAAAAAAAAA  ME !!!!!!!!!

Gotta go put on the war paint & forge onward. 

Tromp Tromp Tromp.....

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