Friday, February 10, 2006

Why are things getting prickly?

Ah Gee,  just tried for 1 1/2 hrs to set up a website at Arbonne Skin Care.  But alas it didn't go thru.  I swear, I am so lame on the computer.  Well at least this wasn't a matter of life & death like say  getting my flying bids turned in on time every month.  Now THAT's important because it controls my life's schedule ea month.

I'm SO fUCKING upset.  I gained 4 fucking ounces this week, which in the scheme of things isn't terrible, but I ONLY had 3 more (THREE!) ounces to loose before making it to a 30 lb loss.  fuck.  NOW, I gotta loose 7 ounces to make it to 30lbs.  shit fuck piss.  I know this sounds ridiculous to someone NOT struggling to loose fat, but I SWEAR it is SO DAMN Hard.  Now the reality check was that my poor Weight Watcher leader just lost her husband after a short sickness.  Aaaaaa, okay... 4 oz's ... - not such a tradgedy.  damn.

So I get home from LA & this morning found out Doris pulled out a big box (with shelves in it) & therefore all the clothes I had folded & stacked on it was now in a huge heap on the floor.  She thinks I should set up the shelves & put the clothes on that.  Okay, fine.  BUT I have been TRYING so HARD to be neat & organized, & clean the house every 3 or so days since jan 1.  And now my neat stack of sweat pants & tee shirts is now a big pile. 

I was so mad.  Hurt that she would do that after I was doing so much better.  After I blew up & yelled at her, I then just blew it off.  Okay, she supposedly moved it to get under the TV to try to hook up cable.  But that was so rude.

THEN, I was going to meet Doris & Sis after I went to get weighed in at Weight Watchers tonight.  I called when the meeting was over to find out where they were & they had gone to a restaurant 30 min away & were already sitting at the table eating bread.  Hell, I thought they were just going around the corner from where I was when I told her I'd meet them.  I felt hurt.  I of COURSE was STARVING because I didn't eat before the weigh in, so I therefore was emotional.  I just drove to Bajha Fresh & got a Bare Burrito take out (11 points) came home & shoveled it in.  Then I felt better & got over it.

But I'm wondering about tomorrow.  She's acting not so sensitive around here.  What the HELL is going on.  Or am I just too touchy?  I keep trying to stay centered so as not to go off on her.  I guess it is all about that I am focused on only her, & she has many others to focus on.  Same story 11th verse.

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