Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Time To Fly Again

Gee wiz, I don't wanna go.  WaaAAAAaaa.  I guess it's a good thing I have a job, because I honestly would rather just sit around & fart!  I seriously have to fight my "inner slug" everyday. 

And it's SO hard to leave Doris esp. now that she's retired & doesn't work.  She deserves it after all these years of breaking her butt & raising 3 kids on her own, I've never worked THAT hard.  But still I am tired! 

It was much easier to shut the door & walk out when she was gone & at her office.  Now it's like trying to tear a piece of my heart away, stretching like a rubber band until it SNAPS!  ooowwwie.  Would it be as painful if I wasn't so co-dependant?  Hell, yes.

Well, I surely owe an appology to the poor nun I dissed in my last entry.  Seems I totally misread her take on morality & Brokeback Mountain,etc. when I visited her blog last night.  I'm sorry Stephanie, I totally just went off on you & those that responded.  I seriously thought you were so uptight & homophobic when it seems, you all are just the opposite.  I am glad I was Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Actually, I'm relieved!

Okay, time to get off my big ass & head to the damn airport.  CRAP.  I'd really rather stay & watch the memorials for Coretta Scott King all day!  What a Woman, what a Spirit, what a Powerful Example to us all.

Well....  Another day, another tray.  

So glad I'll be working with nice Flight Attendants.  Trudge on, y'all.


srstephosb said...

It's all good.  No offense taken, glad the air got cleared.

Peace out to you ....

nfluxus said...

fyi...nfluxus = elizabeth

nfluxus said...

Sister Steph will forgive you. After all, she is a nun and all. She has to forgive. And now that you're forgiven, you're still going to hell you homo.