Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Time To Leave Again

Well gee whilikers,

     Three days off went like a snap of the fingers.  crap.  Time to go again.  Don't wanna.

     Came into ewr sat night on a crash landing, well not really but it felt that way on wind sheers.  Overhead bins opened, a panel fell off the ceiling lighting, stuff went flying as we BANGED onto the tarmac.  I was sitting on the 767 back wall jump seat & turbulence is always the worst in the back!  It was scary, but we all walked away unharmed. 

     I think that landing shook my brains up, tho'.  I've just sort of gone thru these days off in a fog, forgetting things.  geesh.  But Doris stuck with me, was by my side each day.  Went to Curves & watched a lot of great TV.  Thank God she loves television as much as I do, it's so relaxing.  There isn't much I'd rather be doing than cuddling side by side in our big kingsize bed, watching fun programs on a big screen TV.  It may sound boring to everybody else, but it's wonderful to me.


sunflowersnstone said...

this is why I do not fly.

also, even though i'm not a fan of TV I can see how nice it would be to snuggle all day with someone you love.

confession: i'm addicted to Survivor. it's true. I am. I also like the show NCIS and CSI. The CSI Miami once isn't as good as the first one and I dont like CSI New York at all. I also watch Close To Home. I'm a late night TV kinda girl too. I watch the first part of Leno but then I turn it off. I watch the first part of the late show with that Scottish guy and then turn if off. Other than that the TV is off. Oh, I do enjoy watching...dare I say it, tennis matches and golf tournys. I know, I'm odd.

anyway, fligh high and safely,
talk to you soon,

nfluxus said...

Do y'all like 24?

kmb524 said...

NFLUXUS:    WE LOVE LOVE LOVE 24!!!  Is this eb?  I don't recognize nfluxus... dont have your email addy.  mine is