Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No Sleep & Transexuality

Well, don't ask me why but I couldn't sleep all night.  I HATE insomnia, & it happens way too often.  I'd say it's just another symptom of hot flashes & the 'pause', but I've had it on & off all my life. 

Yeah, slumber constipation... the absence of any kind of Rest...  drives ya insane!...  Thank GOD I didn't have to work today.  That is the worst, when I have to get up early in the predawn to shlep to the airport & actually be cordial with NO sleep. 

Well anyway, it's always one extreme or the other - I wanna sleep all day or I CAN'T sleep all night.  And now me without a snack.  Makes me CRAZY, I'll tell ya'.

Well, that was boring.  Okay I've become one of those.  Maybe I should have just started reading boring blogs to fall asleep.  I'll have to remember that for next time. 

BTW, Doris & I went to see "TransAmerica" last sat afternoon!  I think we were the only dykes in the room, altho' I saw a few gay 'brothers' in there.  No, it was a matinee' of white, presbyterian-like senior citizens...  Never-the-less, it was GREAT!  And really funny!  Wow, that Felecity Huffman really deserves 'Best Actress,'  she was AMAZing. 

And so was her penis.  Yup, I said it, that woman had a good sized schwantz.  Great scene when her son in the car doesn't know this lady is his father, she has to "go" so is squatting in her skirt to take a whiz behind the car, she hears an animal noise that scares her & jumps up, out pops her dick with pee streaming in all directions, so she just stands there & holds it till she's done...  the kid happens to notice this in the rear view mirror & does a double take, & the whole theatre is dying in laughter.

I thought it did well to promote better understanding of the trannie community to the ignorant & unknowing.  I just read a blog of some nun talking about morality in movies today, including Brokeback Mountain. Gawd she was such a prig.  Wonder what she would think about THIS one!  haha.  She had all these commenters saying "write on, Sister" & "I couldn't have said it better" & other lame-ass shit. 

You know, that's the great thing about living on either coast.  Those filler states just can't quite keep up, to say the least!  I remember growing up in Texas.  Yeah, things have changed some, but definately NOT enough! 

 Actually, NJ aint all that much better---  I really SHOULD have stayed in The City (Manhattan) after all those 27yrs of living there.  My GOD the NYC mindset is just SO FREEING. 

Ah, but alas...  The things you do for L O V E.  At least the things I'VE done... hmmmm..let's not go there... 

Well suffice it to say, buying a little house with Doris & moving to New Jersey 10 yrs ago is about the Least unhealthy thing I've done compared to my illustrious past.  AH GEESE, why is everything such a compromise???   Guess that one is for another entry, another day.

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srstephosb said...

KMae, I came here from your comment on eb's blog, and I just wanted to ask if you read my whole post about the movie .... because basically what I was doing was questioning the stink that's been raised about the movie.  If you read through my blog, you'll see (and eb and others can vouch for me) that I am trying to present an alternative view, one of someone "religious" who does NOT think that homosexuality is the downfall of Western Society.  I've been arguing AGAINST gay marriage as "ruining the the integrity of the marriage bond," arguing AGAINST excluding gays from the seminary, arguing AGAINST all the uproar that this movie has generated in some circles, arguing AGAINST "New Orleans deserved it because of the gay festival."

The opening chunk that was on my initial page was my sarcasm, to make a point.  I <b>loved</b> Brokeback, and much of it resonated with me.  I was just trying to be a smartass, and detail all the alleged smut that some folks say the movie contains ..... when I ultimately go on to discuss what a clean-cut film it is.

I apologize if I offended you, but I just wanted you to know that the impression you got was NOT the impression I intended to give.

Peace out,
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