Thursday, February 16, 2006

That was a Nice Mini-vacation

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful 6 day time off I had!  That snow was insane.  Valentine's Day was very quiet, really nice.  Slept all day, stayed in bed & watched soaps together, &  worked on my Arbonne Website.  I don't know what I'm doin', I can't seem to make the website work.  whatever.  I'll have to get some help.

Doris got up early, went out & got me pink roses & cards!  I had already set up red roses, cards & a heart pillow that says 'LOVER GIRL' & a little toy poodle that plays 'Let me call you sweetheart' when you push her tummy.  One of the cards I got her talks about "scrumptious buns" & blows a wolf whislte when you  open it up.  It was so cute!

Went to a quick Weight Watcher's meeting & have FINALLY lost 30 lbs !!!  GLORY HALLELUIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


Doris cooked a delicious chicken dinner when I got home & we then watched some good TV. 

What a nice, relaxing day.

Now I'm in LAX, took 6 f#*kin' hours to get here.  My back even hurts.  Poor kid I'm flying with is totally tormented over breaking up with a dumbass pilot she fell madly in love with (5 months ago!-ha!).  Jeese, she is in SO MUCH PAIN & can't quit crying.  Poor baby.  She found porn on his computer & that was it for her.  young girl porn.  not so good, esp since she looks 14, herself.  She wants to quit flying over this putz & the rest of us are telling her NOT to quit over some damn man, she'll get over him some day.  Of course she can't imagine ever getting over him.  Poor, poor little sweet dumbbutt.  I feel for her, it was only 30 years ago I was fucked up over Charlie like that.  Phew!  Wouldn't want to trade places & go back & re-live my 20's for anything.

Thank you God, Goddess, Universe for getting me out of THAT insanity.

I am grateful for my life today.


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nfluxus said...

Hey, don't know if you saw my reply to your comment but I joined WW and lost 6 pounds already although I've been very bad tonight. I'll be around just like your favorite lipstick. ~Elizabeth