Monday, February 06, 2006

The Super Bowl's over, gee wiz

Well, another year over, all the advertising hype, the hopes/bets of wierd sports freaks across Americana, not to mention the way overpaid football players who have now won, or saddly lost (I Do feel sorry for the Seahawks, I thougth they played the best in the 1st quarter) is OVER.

It was a great game, I actually got into it, really watched it all till the bitter end.  I started out for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they seemed so lame in the beginning (plus their uniforms were ugly) so I switched over to Seattle pretty early, I go for underdogs a lot.  Plus their dark blue uniforms were slick & their helmets were cool, too. 

It's always been such an American pastime, the ole' Superbowl, at least in my era.  I always hated it, as I did all sports- those yucky, stinky, sweaty men-boys just too much testosterone for me. Of course, one guy is too much testosterone for me most days. The older I get, the less patience I have for any of the idiot dorks....  or any idiot dork for that matter, no matter what the chromosome.

Which leads me to half time with Mick Jaggar & the Rolling Stones!  Okay, you know, that band is still GREAT!  As geriatric as those dudes are, they are STILL the best!  Well granted, the ole boy dances like a spaz, he's a like a pogo stick with a microphone.  I loved it, tho' no matter what anybody says about that performance, it was fun! 

I am aware however, that African Americans not only in Detroit, but thru out the country were pissed that no Motown artists were asked to do the Super Bowl Halftime, & they are RIGHT.  It IS absurd, stupid even.  Such a great wealth of the WORLDS GREATEST black recording stars & they ask The Stones.  Ridiculous.

Aretha was fABULOUS at the first singing beFORe the game started...  I would have REALLY LOVED to hear her sing MORE.  It really wasn't right. Life just isn't fair too often, but when you're a black person, it seems really rough.  I don't think things will ever be right in this country in my lifetime.  May be in the future in the next century. Hell, who am I kidding?  There is Still SO much work to do in that area. White Americans are just fucked.

The commercials, by the way were hilarious, as usual.  I liked the streaking lamb, & Fabio getting OLD.  Lord knows, it's happening to all of us, WAY too fast.

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