Friday, February 10, 2006

A Nice Surprise

While I was in Los Angeles, I pulled up my email on a hotel computer.  To my pleasant surprise I recieved a letter from a young friend of mine.  It was so sweet. 

I used to sit in church with this child & her foster sisters when they were all literally babies.  Each one so beautiful & precious, they would take turns sitting on my lap, lay all over me & sleep thru the sermons.  They were so funny & cute, each trying on my reading glasses, all of my rings, drawing pictures, & writing notes when they got a little older & started school.  When their kindly foster father died, they were left living with their mean, overwhelmed foster mother & much bedlam ensued that I won't go into.  It was not good. 

Now, over a decade later, this sweet girl has reached out & emailed that she is gay.  Im not sure how old she is at this point, maybe 14, 15 or 16...  She also added that she has always thought of me as a mother image as well as a friend.  What an honor!  And how amazing to actually know your sexual preferance so young.  Heck, I was over 30 & had been thru many men before I finally came out.  (As those of you who've read my "Coming Out Chronicals" in the archives already know!)

Anyway, life is always a new adventure, especially when you're a teenager.  You have already come thru so much in your young life, my friend & you will survive these adolescent years as well, in fact they will be over SO much sooner than you could ever imagine! 

And life goes on....

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