Saturday, July 02, 2005


Im sad Luther Vandross died.  I dont know him.  Never met him.  Still Im sad.  So much talent. Such a gorgeous voice!   Someone who could make us feel deeply...  in Love, Sad, Happy, Hopeful..   Now he'll get to "Dance With his Father Again"... his song that always puts a lump in my throat. 

 He seemed so sweet.  And he was gay.  (We gayfolk knew.)  Never came out in public tho'...            

     Lot of that going around.  Like say, umh..tom cruise..  Man has he flashed his ass lately, putting down brave Brooke Shields for taking meds for post partem depression. Many of us have thought Tom was so in the closet. Suddenly  he speaks & is just a moron when he talks, "shares" tries to sound like he knows something.  Shut up you dumbass moron. You're acting like an idiot. Your new beard is so innocent & young, she doesnt know what's hit her.  I was like that with Franklin.  But at least he TOLD me he was gay, even tho he made me feel like I was so special to him. It was confusing, he acted so sexual around me, it often felt like he wanted me...  I can imagine how SHE must feel!

      Now back to Luther.  I shall really miss him.  God Bless you Mr. Vandross.  May you rest in peace.                 

I would never miss Tom Cruise.

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