Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rude People

I can not believe how cruel some people can be.
I can not believe how cruel and rude some people can be. I read Rosie's blog often & many that write in are great, & Ive enjoyed hooking on to some of their blogs!

But often there are some obnoxious folks that write in. Here is a good example along with the reply I sent in:


Dahlia MD from NYC said:

I say this with all due respect. Ro/Rosie/Roseanne, you know that if you weren’t famous and just an average gal, that broad your with (K.C) would have never given you a second look or a first. She would probably be leeching off Ellen. Another thing, I have never seen as many suck-ups in my life in one place, especially ‘Tea’ … Will you please throw her a bone?Your kids are cute, but I agree with the guy who on another post said you wouldn’t take a pound pup home, so I am wondering if your kids were developed in a petri dish or did you adopt a needy child? I don’t understand this yellow crap either. I must have to be gay to understand or perhaps a suck-up. I love NYC in the summer, don’t you?

KMae said:

My goodness Dalhia MD from NYC - clearly you are a dunce. I dont even believe you are an MD if you write something so insensitive. I have had Rosie onboard 3 times as a passenger & she is entirely fabulous, sweet, cool, kind to all around… not to mention VERY sexy with her tough, butch edge & quick wit! She was always polite to the Flight Attendants….
Ahh..but since you can sign as anything here & you’re supposedly an MD, I’ll be an Astronaut. She was polite to the Astronauts! HA!


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