Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gays Adopting Children

Parenthood is so hard... I was adopted by messed up parents & they
were hets, at least they claimed to be. So many straights are crappy parents,
even some that are my friends. Some gays & lesbians are lousy parents, even
some that are my friends. Some children get really lucky & are born to or
adopted by straight, gay or lesbian parents, some that are my friends. It's
just the hardest job in the world - being a GOOD parent. Although Ive seen
more inferior, obnoxious parents
raising dispicable kids than wonderful parents,
I do believe that it's possible for gay & lesbians to raise great families
as well as heterosexuals. But they can equally bomb at the job, too.

Truth is, Im SO GLAD Im made sure not to get pregnant when I did love men.  at least I dont have tHAT guilt in my life, didnt fuck up any innocent children.  I would have been the WoRsT mother, straight or gay...  I would have beat them & they'd all be walking with a limp or dead. 

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