Thursday, July 07, 2005


My young friend Simone is having a baby tonight.  She is only 17 & living in a foster home.  12 yrs ago I use to hold her, & her sisters Krissy & Ieshaa in my lap at church.  They have grown up so fast.  We lost Simone a couple of yrs ago when she set the house she was living in on fire while squeezing lighter fluid into a charcole pit.  They took her away from that foster family & put her in another one & we werent allowed to communicate. 

     Tonight Krissy (who is now 15) called to say Simone's water broke & she has gone to the hospital.  Then she hooked me up to 3way calling & poor Simone had been sitting in a chair having contractions for 2 hrs in the emergency room while waiting for a bed.  She intends to name the baby Leila... after the boxer Leila Ali.  Sounds good to me.  I fear she'll be an abusive mother, she's still so immature.  Baby's raising babies.  It's so sad, so bad.  What a shame.  Simone was a beautiful child.  A needy little dramatic child, pitching fits, desperately wanting her mother, who couldnt care less.  God I hope she doesnt become a mother like that.  I hope she makes it thru the birth of this new little being.  I Pray baby Leila makes it thru her childhood.  God bless them both.

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