Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why Am I Tired? (and "Gay Parties..")

I've started reading other blogs & it's fun, but it's taking me all night, I look up & it's 0300.  How stupid, I really gotta sleep,  geesh.  Gotta start pacing myself- HAHA, see I must be tired, thought that was halarious. 

Another thing, I ran my Norton Virus scanner & picked up 3 infections...AAAAAAAAAAhh!!!, just when I got my frickin' computer cleaned again... In fact I better run it again tonight, Ive gone thru SO many new blogs..  & I found 1 by  a group of lesbian writers!  Too COOL!!!  Then there's a woman who calls her blog Boob Sweat.!!.  THAT fuckin' cracked me up.

     Today was gorgeous.  Doris & I went to pick out a new dresser to put our big screen (bedroom)tv on.  (The old one is starting to bow in the middle from the weight of it.)  My gosh, we chose the UGLIEsT fucking color, but the price was so right- only $100!  (Yep, we're broke, Im on the sick list.)  It's wood & the front is scalloped, But oye vey it's like an awful orangeish stained cherrywood..eeeYUC!  Maybe something for a man's room, but not a pink woman's room.  Guess we'll have to change the carpet to purple.  Doris' friend Tom gave us the deal at his store.  Delivery is mon. supposedly one hour before the TV man comes to rehook up the directTV disc.  We'll see.  My nerves are shot worrying about cleaning this room before anyone comes in it.   All my worrying about everthing in life exhaustes me.

     Okay.  This evening we went to a party around the corner,  Gay boys (Mel, Pete & their 2yr old) plus a lot of other gays & lesbians, plus hets & about 7 (noisy) kids. I dont know, maybe I just complain too much... It was a nice party, but damn, cant ya ever just go to a gay or just lesbian party??? 

Yeah, I know we all need to get along, but if I MUST go to a frickin party cant it just be a group of homosexual friends??? I mean we ALWAYS go to heterosexual parties or just go thru life mixing with them...  Most of the good people I work with are straight.  The Humongous Majority of passengers I work FOR are hets. The frickin' pilots are not only straight, but asshole republicans.  Do they HAVE to come to our damn parties too? 

 You know, ever since moving to the burbs 10 yrs ago - that was it.  So much for the dyke lifestyle!  That was Citylife.  Dang, Im beginning to sound like Brian in Queer As Folk.  And now we are all adopting kids (thank GODDESS that I didnt do that 15yrs ago when Doris told me I could)  so NOW there are always children at all the fuckin' parties.  SHIT.  Even our OWN parties (BBQ's) are mixed (Mainly all D's relatives, children, grandchildren & great grandchildren).  (Okay we're old..) 

 Is it  too much to go to a gay party & expect to have just "FAMILY" there, just a group of Lesbians &/or Gays to laugh & act outrageous (more than usual) with?  Yes, I LOVE my straight friends & neighboors, & I even love children (when they BEHAVE), but you gotta be responsible & Not Swear around the little sweet innocents & always pay attention that they dont hurt themselves.  It's like a damn job away from the job!

     Actually, truth be told, I would have just rather stayed home, gotten in bed & watched TV. Boy have I become BORING.

Well, at least I DID go.  Doris wanted to have dinner there since Mel is such a great cook- those Boy's can really burn!  And it WAS delicious.  and it WAS nice.  AND the straight people were the greatest.  So I dont know why Im complaining.  

I just like what I like

& want what I want. 

Damn.  Now it's almost 0400.  

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