Thursday, December 15, 2005

Starting vacation in bed! I Love Bed.

 Oh my gosh, I just came off 4 days flying, I'm pooped & have a croopy cough deep in my lungs.  Doris thinks I have pluracy, haha! 

 I made a very short Xmas letter at Kinkos on my last layover so that's done, no good picture of us together this year, so no picture card.  I did put one on the letter.  That's it for this year. Hope all my fans won't be too dissappointed, heh heh!

 Usually my letters are good. spiritual.  with a clever writer's comment thrown in.  This year, Not spiritual, just plain, straight fwd 'well made it thru another year' kinda thing.  Nothing clever.  I am Not feeling any of that & choose not to fake it.  This writer's block  will lift when I have something I NEED to write, I guess. 

 I SHould feel more grateful, I'm not a Katrina survivor, or a cancer survivor (yet...) or homeless, jobless or loveless.  I gotta snap out of it. 

 I am on vacation now!!  (have 2 measley weeks off,) Can't even be happy for that since I ALWAYS used to have the whole damn month.  At least I can rest some.  Didn't go to Curves today.  Just staying in bed coughing to death.  sheesh.  I sure got the 'poor little me's". 

 I shall go to Weight Watchers later.  Hope I lost another lb.  Boy am I a bore today. mmmmm, need a nap I guess.

 Depression....  But just on the edge of it, thank God not slogging thru the quick sand middle of it.  Not sinking, just floating.  Bouncing in & out of that twilight zone perimeter. Wait!  I think I'm coming out of it...  I'll be fine.  Now for that nap.

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