Monday, December 26, 2005


     Well, tonight I have 3 grown men laying around downstairs sleeping.  42 yrs, 18 yrs & 13 yrs.  They are all tall.  Doris' son & 2 grans.  So far Im doing okay, but give me another day or two, I'll be off the damn wall. 

     Really,....  if I wanted men in tighty whiteys laying around I woulda stayed frickin' straight.  Just the fact that they have fucking dicks gets on my nerves.  All that male entitlement they all grow up with is just nausiating.  Men suck.  And they NEVER appreciate a good woman.  Bunch of frickin' putz brains.  (ah, yeah okay, SOME of them are nice...)  (but it's probably all a good act!  HAH!) 

      Other than that, I hope you had a good Christmas!!  I did, it is a good one.  Thank GOD, GODDESS, UNIVERSE that I am still not depressed.  Thank you Jesus!!  And happy Birthday, by the way!      

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