Monday, December 26, 2005

Day one

     Well, it started this morning when Roxie woke me from a dead sleep barking, she had been awakened by the boys & their dad all moving around & doing well, nothing... 

     Herman was looking for bacon to cook, we don't have any (amazing since Doris is still eating it), I told him we're on diets.  I feed her, put her out & climbed back up to bed, but no wait. 

     Herman wanted me to get on the phone to tell JeRoo how to get to our house "because he wants to visit us.."   Why'd you call him this early I said as I was giving this fool the directions.  Shit.  Another damn man in the house.  I'm going have to fumagate. 

     So he comes, I hear a lot of noise, then  see Herman geting in the car to leave.  He's gone,....  silence.  sigh, I breathe!  But wait, NO.  He left his sons.  Herman just left them, said 'I'll be back in a few minutes I have to go out,"  and that was it for him.

     For the boys tho' deep depression.  They were SO thrilled to see him as usual, but then the next day poof away he goes.  The kids were devestated, altho they should be used to this bS, they always still have hope because they love their father so much.  They tried to pretend they were fine.  Poor babies were so dissappointed. 

     We took them to IHOP for pancakes (I had a fucking turkey/tomatoe sandwich... man, was THAT hard,)  took them shopping for clothes, & Timberland boots, which Doris charged.

     Then Davian threw up.  Hurled his gutts all over Kohls parking lot.  Damn, he was sick.  I tried to help him, Doris & Nijohn were'nt doing much,  The ole flight attendant thing took over (for barfing passengers).  Got him home, in the shower, Doris washed all his clothes, their both downstairs asleep now. 

      Of course Herman hasn't returned.  Or called.   What an Ass.  So what else is new? 

     Okay, I'm done.  I want them to leave & go home.  They are sweet.  But I never wanted kids, & I dont want them now.  Only 6 more days of vacation.  And I need one.  Nijohn said his mother told him they could stay here till next year as they dont have to go back to school.  Ah.....NO I dont think so.   

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