Friday, December 30, 2005

Back to Normal

Yesterday took the big duffel bag to Derricks so Herman could pick it up.  Don't know why we didn't leave it there the night before, but Doris wouldn't.  Therefore the whole day was wasted once again searching for Herman's butt, which we still didn't see.  Had taken the kids home the night before so the whole trip was totally unnecessary.  Went to the hairdresser for Doris which took the rest of the evening, but she looked beautiful.  It took so long that I missed Weight Watchers, so I'll go tonight.  Ate at Charlie Brown's & decompressed.  sigh.  Came home & sat on the couch by the Xmas tree & held the cat.  Boo Boo is so sweet.  She calmed me down.  Took a hot bath & crawled into bed.  yea, bed.

     Yesterday I signed up for a free dailey positive thinking email service.  But nothing showed up on the computer today. 

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