Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Day Two

Okay, the boys woke the darn dog up again barking me from such a sound slumber.  fuck.  I said to doris, they gotta go home today, I need a vacation, It's my turn now.  She said okay, much to my surprise! 

Then she stayed in bed until 1300 - 100p for you civilians.  I didnt push, say the kids are hungary, shouldnt we be doing something with them, nothing.  We went for brunch finally at 1400  -200p. 

Then we went to Kohls again to get their mother a warm robe, pijamas, & sweater.  Then to Foreman Mills, God that place was great, to get Juan some 4xxxx stuff.  Then went to take them home, but they were so sad since HERMAN the fuckface asswipe father of theirs still didnt come home OR call.  So I said they could take their stuff into their house & come back with us.  They were estatic!  I did a good thing.  I felt good about it.  It is different since it's on my terms & not forced on me by Doris.  Thank you God for changing my heart & making me a better person.

Watched Tina Turner be honored at the Kennedy Center on TV, the whole show was fabulous.                                             Beyonce turned it all out, honeypies-doing Proud Mary.  OMG!!! 

I ate the rest of the christmas food we brought home.  I hope I havent gained.  oh well.  It's all good. 

PS  Got a new black leather jacket.  It's so nice, looks cool on me, too.  yeaaaaaa!!

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