Saturday, December 24, 2005

Got a Lot done!

Oh my gosh, I'm so proud of myself!

Last night I finished lacing the photo albums, all 10 of them! 

I got up at 1000a.  Cleaned the extra room I use as a closet!  (That took all morn).  (Doris fixed the hanging rods that had fallen off one wall..  Thank God!)

Vacumed the dog & cat room, & the house lightly (more later!)  (I broke the vacum cleaner, but thank GOD, Doris fixed it!)

Doris hung the big blue balls on the dogwood & I went out to help her & finished that up.  (Yep we have big blue balls hanging on trees in our front yard.)  I then hung all the other blue outside lights.  But not as neat & perfect as all the years before.  I basically just threw them up, but it still took a long time.  It looks okay, fine, a bit pretty.  Im not puttng up the white tree with blue lights in the upstairs window this year.  Altho it looks good ea year, I dont feel like it.  so there, humph!

Then I marched from house to house & delievered my xmas letter in all the mailboxes.  I addressed more I had forgotten then drove to the post office to mail them. 

Went to the $1.00 store & got holiday bags for all my photo albums.  Then went & got a Christmas tree for $15. (finally).

Doris helped put up the tree, I put white lights on it & hung a slew of ornaments!!!   YEA!!!!!!!!!  Have more ornaments to put on it, but if I dont, it looks just fine the way it is.  Gosh, I hate putting it up so late, but at least THAT's over.  Thank you Jesus!! 

Okay, there's still alot to do & clean.  BUT if I dont, then so what.  This is enough.  I feel SO fuckin' relieved. 

Doris spoke with her kids & grans today.  Everyone is supposedly coming.  Herman will be on a sun morning Grayhound.  I'm mellow about it for the moment because the house is almost ready.  Doris was even saying I wish nobody is coming.  Now she is saying I hope they all come then everybody leaves immediately.  Here here!  You KNOW that's how I feel.  Would ratherit all just be me & her.

I feel BAD I have no present for Doris.  This is the 2nd year I havent gotten her a gift.  I AM FUCKING BROKE, dammit.  And those dorky photo albums cost about $2000 to do.  I know some day when we are all dead, the children & grandchildren will really appreciate them.  The picture letters, $300.  Not gonna talk about stamps.  I took out more savings to do it all. 

At least I dont have to buy new clothes to wear xmas day since I can now fit in my old ones!!  Boy did I let myself get fat.  phew!  Thank you God for helping me get a grip.

So now after a hot bath, I am ready to crash.  Man, I am tired.  But I am not depressed!  This is good.

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