Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Have Frickin' Bronchitis

Went to a new Dr. - yikes, not what I'd expected.  Gosh, she was homely - which would be okay, but she was very cold.  No warm fuzzies whatsoever.  However she did say  I have bronchitis & she gave me scripts for an antibiotic & the others; Lipitor & thyroid crap which is good so I don't have to go to my last dumbass Dr.  Also got a flu shot!  That damn antibiotic was $50.  for six.  Good grief.  The nurse was very nice but I didn't like the office. It was in seedy strip mall & not so great, & far away in Edison.  So much for that. At least it's an alternative.  That last fuckin' Dr.Jennifer Asshole May tried to sabatage my job & said I'd never get shingles again, wouldn't sign my family leave papers in case I did.  So if I have to call in sick again, I'm fired.  She had SEEMED nice & had a lovely new office in Summit, but the nurse was a grump & Ms Jennifer turned out to be a pregnant BITCH.  I don't want another young, new Dr.  She ended up being stupid. 


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sunflowersnstone said...

as therapists go, I like the green ones. they have new energy, fresh ideas. but when it comes to medical docs i want old with proven skills and yeah, they have to have some warmth. otherwise they might as well work for the morgue.