Thursday, December 22, 2005

AAAAAAaaaaa xmas insanity

OYE THE PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!  I can barely stand it. 

 still working on the frickin' photo albums.  never realized how miserable doris is this year until i got all the pics blown up.  well, fuck.  i'm miserable too, life has NOT changed for  the better.  we both look like crap in all the pictures.  there wasn't even 1 good photo of us together.

 and NOW just 3 days before xmas & no telling when the moocher is coming to stay.  yesterday we were supposedly driving to ewr just to mail the bills, some of which were late...  i was like shit, we gotta go all the way to ewr???  'yes yes, the mail goes out right away there.' 

 WELL, after dumping the bills in the mail box, she starts heading the wrong dirrection home.  where are you going????  TO THE BUS STATION TO GET A TICKET FOR HERMAN....  fuck.  very manipulative & dishonest.  i didnt even say anything.  (i imagined tape over my mouth).

 that worked!  have to try that more often.  imagery, it's a good thing. 

 i cant believe it, his mother is retired, he finally has a job, but she has to send him a bus ticket (probably to make sure he comes.)  he is such a deadbeat slime.  HATE HIM. 

 cant stand the thought of him laying over the couch downstairs calling everyone he knows & eating everything in the kitchen. 

 what fucking lesbian wants a full grown MAN laying around the house???  not this one for sure.  but doris loves her children, as well she should.  too bad she raised SUCH A  LOOSER.  And I gotta pretend to welcome him & love him.  he probably knows I can't stand his bullshit gutts.  

  i'll have to pull out the actress vanessa grace, which is still hell because she hates him too!!!  probably better just to do felicia flight attendant, she's MUCH better at acting nice around assholes.  too bad, she really needs a vacation. 

 the house is a MESS.  gotta run, try to get it together.  AAAAAAaaaaaaaa.  doris has no boundaries.  Life is just great.      NOT!!!!

     fuck, shit, piss.

 somebody HEP me!!!  please!

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sunflowersnstone said...

I know this is a rave entry but you are killin me girl. What lesbian wants a full grown man laying around. That is too funny!

A friend and I were just saying that we have this "happy face" we put on that lets others think we're being civil when inside we are cursing them horribly.
However, there comes a time when we have to let the not so nice ones take over and set boundaries for those who refuse to set them for themselves or we'll end up drowning in undercurrent issues of resentment.

scratch the ears of the pups and kittys,
talk to you later,