Saturday, July 01, 2006

I am lucky!

It is wonderful to have a 'Good Butch !' around the house for many reasons, but tonight I am so lucky!  It has been raining (pouring) for weeks now, & suddenly one of the basement sump pumps went crazy. 

I wouldn't have known, but I kept blowing a fuse trying to microwave popcorn & everytime I flipped back the fusebox switch, I noticed the sump pump working overtime, but no water was being forced out.  So I called for my Fabulous Doris & upon inspection the hose had separated from the stupid pump. 

She fixed the whole thing (naked even!- wowie!!  It was hot down there so she just stripped off her PJ shirt!) with a new clip & a screw driver!  WOW!  a frickin' plumber would have charged SO much.  Of course, I helped by fetching her tool bag from the garage & holding the damn flashlight on this proceedure.  grin.  (very important.) 

     My gosh, I could have never figured out any of this myself being the dorky dunce that I am when it comes to any of this type of stuff. I am SO LUCKY that Doris is so good.  phew!  that was a close one!

     I am also glad we'd taken the grandkid home earlier, so this was just she & I dealing with potential flood turmoil & all our cussing & swearing!  Not to mention being naked!  What a great view!!!!!!!!!!  Zowie!!


nursepam2001 said...

ROFLMAO!  The view alone would have made everything worth it.  You are lucky :o)

nfluxus said...

I see I'm not the only one cussing at plumbing problems.

Go 70 year-old Doris!!!!!! Fucking awesome!


wordsrock said...

Doris to the rescue!  I'm telling ya, when you have a plumbing problem, having someone at home who can fix it up is a wonderful thing indeed.

I can't shake the image of her naked on her knees hovering over the sump pump.  Fantastic. :)